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Being a list of a few of the more interesting projects I've been involved in over the past few years...

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The Accumulator

RIA consultant

"The Accumulator" is a personal shopping MMPORPG for the generation that would rather play mundanity than perform it.

I worked with Gameware to develop the client-side architecture and platform, providing a cross-platform, near-instantaneous view of a live market economy with thousands of simultaneous transactions, bids and players.

OnTheBox » view a snapshot

OnTheBox thumbnail

User-experience design, commercial development, outreach and marketing, back-end development

I developed OnTheBox in 2000, to provide an EPG with a community focus and a user-focussed design. It has since developed into the UK's largest online EPG, syndicated by numerous big-name UK properties.

  • Provided javascript 'widgets' which could be tailored by individual users and embedded on their own sites
  • Generated clean, liquid designs which were structurally meaningful, intuitive and easily customisable
  • Huge word-of-mouth growth built on community features and popularity

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Eidos (consumer-facing website)

Designer, architect, back-end development

At Eidos I introduced and championed new technologies, leading to the development of the company's bespoke content management systems, used for a number of high-profile UK online properties. The CMS is still in use at Eidos websites internationally, and was spun out into a commercial offering later.

Something Labs» view the archive

Something website


Something Labs. was a skunkworks and art collective, touring internationally and working the media arts festivals of London and Europe, as well as applying practices from the Arts world to commercial research and development projects. Something hosted festivals and events, as well as produce a number of prototype devices, platforms and applications.

Timelines » try it

Timelines - click to try the site

Architect, user-experience design, platform integration

Timelines was a blue-sky project creating a spatio-temporal bookmarking platform using RFID, aggregating behavioural and preference information in real-time for live presentation and feedback during a two-day multi-track conference. After the event, Timelines connected session recordings with these bookmarks, allowing visitors to review the 'scraps' and trails they had made through the event. For the organisers, bookmark frequency and density of lines provided intelligence about which sessions and subject were of most interest, knowledge which is otherwise invisible at such events.

Timelines was born into an RFID-hostile world. Phrases such as 'spychips' and 'big brother' were being used to launch authors and careers of luddite technology speculators off the back of public scaremongering and headline grabbing. Instead, the project humanised the technology, made people understand how it could be used, what it really did, and how beneficial it could be in an open and transparent situation.

Timelines was nominated for an 'Excellence in RFID' award and beaten by London Underground's Oyster rollout - a worthy adversary.

Some coverage of Timelines is available:

Tagtracker » archive


Architect, experience & platform design, prototype development, exhibiting

Tagtracker was an early 2d barcode system I designed, running on Nokia Series60 phones. It used the built-in camera to pick up and read barcodes which it could cross-reference online and connect to electronic resources. It was possible to create and design your own 'tags' and associate them with resources of your choosing, or create simple messageboards. Part of the intent was to create stronger coupling between online resources and the physical objects they represented, by requiring direct, first-hand experience of the physical side before being granted access to the electronic version; there is an emotional disconnect to the online, where community and participation can be destroyed by engagement from people with no attachment to the signifier.

Tagtracker was unveiled at the DMZ festival in London 2003.

Some coverage of Tagtracker

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